An important component of physical fitness, as well, as overall wellness is nutrition.


40% of American are currently considered obese based on their weight and BMI (body mass index). Obese Americans are at a higher risk for many medical issues including heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis and multiple types of cancer. 

In addition to these issues, being overweight can create social and self-esteem issues in individuals that suffer from it. 

How does Functional Wellness make balanced nutrition possible?

I create individualized meal plans based on a wide range of goals. I offer private consultations where I assess what your current diet looks like, what foods you like to eat, foods that you should add to your diet, and what your diet should look like in relation to your goals.

I create meal plans in a flexible format. You'll learn to eat in a more balanced way, which works around your dietary preferences.

Anyone can benefit from benefit from understanding the macro and micro nutrients that their body needs. Contact if you'd like a free consultation about your nutrition or if you are interested in a custom nutrition plan.

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