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My Story

Health and Wellness has been an integral part of my life since the 2000's. I couldn't imagine living life without the fulfillment that taking care of your body provides.It's all been a great experience as well.

It all really started when I received education in Exercise Science at SUNY Oneonta. It was during this time that I experimented and learned a lot about how the body functions. I tried a variety of training sets, programs, and fitness modalities. I also participated in a physique competition. The competition was a unique and exciting experience. However, the true yields were in understanding sports nutrition and pushing myself farther than I ever thought possible for the first time. It was that day that set an arc for everything I'd do health and fitness wise in the future. All I wanted to do from that point was learn everything I could.

After undergrad, I did a few jobs that were less than ideal. However, my passion for what I love never faded. I wrote blogs, designed meal plans, and tried to help the health of the people around me. I continued to try many different dietary and fitness approaches until I identified what I believed was most ideal. My life was pretty stagnant until I made a very important decision.

I quit my job and went back to school for Massage Therapy.

There was never a doubt in my mind that making a dynamic life change was the correct thing to do. Being able to positively influence the health and wellness of the public was what I had always wanted. And now I'm here.

-Mike Gray

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