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The more you move your body, the better your body will move.

I firmly believe in this conception because I've experienced it. I also believe in functional training. My physicality and life overall improved when I switched to this style of training. Functional training conditions your body, strengthens your body, and prepares your body for everyday life.

As the world evolves, so do we. As we evolve, so does exercise.

I believe in constantly learning new things, but I always prioritize the fundamentals. My fitness plans can help you achieve many goals including: losing weight, gaining strength, gaining overall mobility, or simply keeping your body conditioned no matter what stage of life you're in.

I train my clients in a private setting using high end functional strength equipment. Training in this type of setting has advantages over being trained in a traditional commercial gym. Including less people, less noise, and cleaner/better maintained equipment among others. With my clients, I have found that the private environment also helps enhance focus and willingness to discover new exercises. I believe trying new things is important in any fitness program especially for individuals who may be stuck at in plateau in their training. 

Safe fitness and proper warmup are important.

Fitness under my aid is very safe due to my vast experience, education, and dual occupation as a bodyworker. Individuals of any fitness level can benefit from instruction on exercise form and body mechanics. 

Recovery from exercise should be priority.

I help along the way with this, so you can learn how to maintain your body in turn for longevity and sustained wellness.

I offer one to three sessions per week. Sessions are one hour in length. There is a discount for training on a monthly basis.

If you're interested in personal training, please complete the form below and I will contact you as soon as I can to discuss your goals and schedule a movement assessment.

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